HMC Reservations offers companies a solution in the time consuming matter of finding suitable venues and accommodation for meetings, congresses, events and much more.

We can assist with venue research and will make a proposal based on your wishes and needs for each specific event that covers all necessary details. Our service is A to Z as we can answer questions, negotiate on your behalf, arrange site visits, check contracts, give you deadline reminders and keep an eye on all other details to ensure the perfect event.
We offer this service completely free of charge as we receive a commission from the locations we work with, so you will never be charged with a finders fee. Payments can be made directly to the hotel or we can mediate this for you. (f we mediate for payments a charge of 35,00 euro will be added ) . Additionally, we offer our booking service where we create a customized website for the participants on which they can individually select, book, and guarantee their hotel room. We offer you the opportunity to fully focus on the content organization of the event whilst we will take care of all the necessary details and logistics.
We look forward to speaking with you how we may help you find the perfect venue! Contact us by email or phone.